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Affordable Botox Courses In Brighton

Extremely popular, Botox is used for targeting forehead lines, crow’s feet lines and frown lines. It is also regularly used to treat migraines and approved by the FDA for this purpose.

Are you a Nurse or Pharmacist who wants to learn more about applying Botox?

Look towards Brighton for Botox Training Courses by Sarivaa Aesthetics Academy. We regularly attract learners from across the South East, including Surrey and London, looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

Covering all aspects of consent, ethics, pharmacology and anatomy, our fully accredited Botox Courses combine offer plenty of hands-on training.

Our teacher is dedicated to helping you become the best practitioner possible.

Our Botox Courses in Brighton have smaller class sizes so everybody can get the help they need. With our bespoke and personalised courses, you can achieve your full potential and get to learn using live models.

Our experienced clinician was born in Kenya and graduated from the University of Brighton in 1996. She is proud to run the UK’s first Pharmacist-led Botox and Dermal Filler Training Academy.

All our courses in Brighton are insured by Cosmetic Insure, one of the leading aesthetic insurers, and all products are included.

Why not find out more about our Botox courses today?