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Aesthetic Courses Hampshire

Sarivaa Aesthetics was started years ago by Tejal Sangani. Tejal has accrued much experience in the medical field, now utilising aesthetic flare alongside anti-aging treatments, putting smiles on people around the nation whilst maintaining ethical and moral values in her work. Tejal has a passion for treating these kind of things, using her medical knowledge to better the lives of those around them and restore the beauty that they deserve.  

So what is the process of anti-aging treatments with aesthetic flare. There are a variety of treatments available, after an initial consultation, we’ll work out whats best for you and from there you’ll undergo one of these treatments to sort out whatever issues to your health need to be rectified.

We have a number of aesthetic courses available, these are taught to others so that they may restore looks across their own clinics, others can learn and teach as to help people across the nation and world regain both their confidence and their health. Example of some of the aesthetic courses are that of a combined botox and dermal filler course, or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about dermal filler facial volumization, all things that improve a persons quality of life and restore their beauty or make them more beautiful than they were before!

To find out more about the many services and courses we provide, check out the aesthetic courses page of our website. For a consultation or just for more information, give us a call on: 01273900867.